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Enter Lihua Group: pry open the management black hole with numbers, and explore the way of digital transformation of printing and packaging industry!
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Enter Lihua Group: pry open the management black hole with numbers, and explore the way of digital transformation of printing and packaging industry!

Enter Lihua Group: pry open the management black hole with numbers, and explore the way of digital transformation of printing and packaging industry!
At present, the environmental protection and intelligent development of the printing and packaging industry has become a new demand in the era of low-carbon economy, and a printing and packaging industrial revolution represented by intelligent manufacturing and personalized customization is sweeping in. 

For enterprises, take advantage of the opportunity to join the list of intelligent transformation in order to be in an invincible position in the big waves of the industry. 
How can the printing and packaging industry closely follow the national dual-carbon policy and take the market demand as the guide to solve the problem of reducing cost and increasing efficiency?

On November 24, Dingjie Software joined hands with a group of outstanding manufacturing entrepreneurs to enter Lihua Group to personally observe the practical application scene of intelligent manufacturing in Lihua Group and appreciate the remarkable benefits that digitization brings to the enterprise. talk about the strategies and tactics of the digital transformation of enterprises!

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About Lihua Group

Lihua Group is a leading provider of integrated solutions for high-end brand packaging in China, providing products and solutions including hardcover boxes, color boxes, instructions, tags, stickers, nameplates, paper and plastic, as well as intelligent packaging, environmentally friendly packaging, functional packaging, etc., while providing professional services such as creative design, innovative research and development, integrated manufacturing, automated mass production, multi-regional operation and local fast delivery. 

For a long time, Lihua Group has always adhered to the business philosophy of "innovation, technology and environmental protection", continuously improving and providing customers with reliable and reliable high-quality printing products. 
High-quality raw materials, precision printing equipment, strict quality control, and the management system that runs through the whole process of "pre-press, printing and post-press", ensuring product quality and delivery, effectively enhance the resilience of enterprises, accompanied by the vigorous development of China's printing industry.

The Digital Transformation of Enterprises is imperative

Liu Zhengqing, Executive Deputy General Manager of Lihua Group

At the event, Mr. Liu Zhengqing, Executive Deputy General Manager of Lihua Group, first delivered a speech, focusing on the importance of digital transformation to the printing and packaging industry and reviewing the course of cooperation with Dingjie Software: 
"as far as enterprises are concerned, digital transformation is not an optional question, but a must-answer question, which needs to be carried out for a long time. 
Through the digital transformation of Dingjie software layout hand in hand, Lihua has effectively optimized the enterprise management process, improved business data management, and achieved remarkable digital results. 

Next, Lihua will digitally dig the way for the future development of the enterprise. 
It is a great honor to exchange and study with you today. I wish the event a complete success! "

Subsequently, Mr. Cao Cuishuang, a management expert of China Packaging Federation, delivered a speech, focusing on the necessity for printing and packaging enterprises to use ERP software to optimize management. At the same time, the printing and packaging industry achieved rapid development with the help of digital transformation: 
"Why does the printing and packaging industry need to use ERP to optimize operation and management? 

First, ERP can accurately present problems through data and indicate enterprise development opportunities. 
Printing and packaging products are customized products, process, production, delivery and other links involve a large number of data, which is difficult to deal with artificially. Through ERP software to deal with various process data, timely feedback, pointing out the direction for the development of enterprises.

Second, ERP can improve the efficiency of inter-departmental cooperation and customer service ability. 
Printing and packaging industry due to short order delivery cycle, production of raw materials and other problems, in order to improve customer service capacity, we must first optimize the enterprise management process, improve the efficiency of inter-departmental cooperation, and the ERP system can effectively optimize the enterprise management process, achieve cross-departmental linkage, so as to improve the enterprise customer service ability. 
Finally, I hope that with the help of Dingjie software with rich implementation experience, printing and packaging enterprises can constantly optimize their management, realize digital transformation, and continue to write new brilliance! "

The implementation process and experience sharing of Informatization in Lihua Group

Zhang Ruyi, IT Manager of Lihua Group

At the event, Mr. Zhang Ruyi, IT Manager of Lihua Group, shared Lihua's informatization history for many years for the guests, and introduced the intelligent manufacturing project built by Lihua in detail. 
Manager Zhang said: "at present, the printing and packaging industry is facing a key node of digital transformation. Lihua is actively seeking breakthroughs and changes, working together with Dingjie Software through intelligent manufacturing means." to achieve industry-financial integration, process standardization, production transparency, traceability, fine cost management, and comprehensively accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises. "

Information benefit of Lihua Group

By introducing Dingjie T100 + Intelligent Logistics + BPM+BI integrated platform, Lihua Group optimizes enterprise management, establishes internal control management mechanism, and realizes the whole process drive of information flow, so as to enhance market competitiveness.

-Lihua Intelligent Manufacturing Core Application practice-


Improve the management ability of prepress proofing. 

Proofing application form. 

Application process: 
After the business submits the proofing form, the department supervisor will check the documents and check them after confirming that they are correct. 
After R & D receives the audited proofing requirements, check whether the proofing information is complete and accurate. 

R & D assign material number, establish BOM table, issue R & D work order. 

After the R & D work order is completed and put into storage, the proofing order is closed. 
Effect: effectively strengthen the working ability of the business department and the R & D department, avoid errors and omissions, have evidence to check, ensure the integrity of information, facilitate traceability, improve the efficiency of proofing and the ability of filing and retention of basic proofing data.


Improve the ability of process management. 

Customer applies for homework. 

Application process: 
Business staff fill in the application form according to the application scenario. 
After being submitted for approval, the visa will be sent to BPM for signature and approval, and the information will take effect automatically after the signature is completed. 
Effect: reduce the workload of paper document examination and approval, support mobile examination and approval, set up examination and approval nodes flexibly, and improve the efficiency of examination and approval.


Improve the ability of production management. 

1. Send workers to production. 

Application process: 

The health management arranges the production according to the actual production demand, and assigns the production tasks and sequencing of each workshop. 
Read the tasks to be scheduled through scheduling classification. 
Refer to the completion of the above sequence to schedule the production of this sequence, and specify the machine. 
Assign workers to the process when the production capacity is overloaded. 
Effect: the overall overview of scheduling tasks is clear and traceable, and accurate to the scheduling schedule, dispatching tasks and sequence rolling synchronously with the machine, receiving tasks timely and efficiently.

2. Production newspaper worker. 

Application process: 

Employees log in to the feedback system to preview the task, and click on the production to start the man-hour and machine-time calculation. 
If you need to pause, click the appropriate button and select the reason for the pause. 
After completion, click finish to feedback the actual production of good products and defective products, T100 automatically generate newspaper documents.

Apply scene tool


to-do items can be checked clearly, production information and matters needing attention are complete, errors and omissions are avoided, artificial intervention in machine hours is reduced, and data accuracy is improved.

Xiong Xiandao, Deputy General Manager of Kunshan Haipai Environmental Protection Packaging Co., Ltd.

Subsequently, Xiong Xiandao, deputy general manager of Kunshan Haipai Environmental Protection Packaging Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech on "Let Life away from Plastics", focusing on the harmfulness of plastics, and introduced in detail the source, manufacturing process, design and application scene of paper plastic. 
Subsequently, the visiting guests walked into the workshop of Lihua Group and came to the manufacturing site to experience the practical achievements of Lihua intelligent manufacturing.